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Hurricane F-550

  • B&S dzinējs: Cena 1030 Eiro
  • HONDA GCV 190 dzinējs: Cena 1130 Eiro
  • the solid drive axle perfectly keeps the direction even on a slope
  • HDG cover of the cutting space with long lifetime
  • front spur for good pass ability through the terrain
  • new frame with high firmness and toughness
  • two travel speeds – 1,8 and 2,4 km/h
  • bronze gear in the gearbox

Preces apraksts

The F-550 brush cutter with mulching blade is a perfect helper for grass disposal. It is intended for land owners who need to cut the grass once in a while and thus keep the plot clean; they don’t want to use the grass in any way. The F-550 brush cutter with mulching blade is able to cut dense, fresh grass, old grass as well as self-seeding plants with a diameter of up to 1 cm.