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Hurricane F-550 INOX

  • semiprofessional HONDA GSV 190 engine
  • the solid drive axle perfectly keeps the direction even on a slope
  • stainless steel cover of the cutting space with extremely long lifetime
  • front spur for good pass ability through the terrain
  • new frame with high firmness and toughness
  • two travel speeds – 1,8 and 2,4 km/h
  • bronze gear in the gearbox

Preces apraksts

The F-550 INOX stands at the top of the F-550 brush cutters with mulching blade line-up. It is equipped with the semiprofessional HONDA GSV 190 engine and the cover of the cutting space is made of highly resistant stainless steel. Thanks to the new features, this machines can also be used for municipal services. Other features come from the original F-550 brush cutter with mulching blade, which became very popular right after its introduction in 2012.